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Enterprise Risk Management
Strategic IT Support
Occupational Health and Safety

Information systems consulting

We have a plain speaking approach to IT.  Our aims are to provide you with the opportunity to identify what it is that you want your IT system to do for your organisation. 

This is an ideal service for small companies that have a number of computers and perhaps a server but have no in-house expertise.

We want you to get the best of your IT system and enable your system to provide the best for your organisation.

IT Risk Management and Continuity

A focused assessment of your IT system’s resilience to a failure or external attack.  This will enable you to identify what action you need to take to protect your critical information from being lost or stolen.

The assessment will also identify those critical activities which rely on IT assess the likely effect they will have to the organisation because ‘the ‘computer has gone down’.

IT Systems Training

You or a member of your staff can learn problem solving techniques to identify simple problem without seeking external help or wasting time waiting for a response from your support company.  More often than not the problem is likely to be solvable and therefore the downtime can be limited.

IT Application Training

We’ll train your staff to get what you want from your software package not what the designer thinks you want.

Simple practical and geek-free training for your staff

For example applications we can provide training in;

·         Microsoft Office 2010

·         Sharepoint

·         Moodle

Quick IT tips

Document consistency. How many versions of the same document do you have on your systems? Is one on the file server, one on someones laptop, one sent of to the printers and one just floating around? Which is the most up to date? Worse still, do you have three documents all based on one core document? You change the core document, but forget to update the dependent documents making everythingout of step.

We can help you learn how to manage this with simple, straightforward techniques.