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Occupational Health and Safety

Let’s face it, health and safety has got a bad press right now.  What with unqualified consultants, silly stories in the press and ridiculous rules and precautions, it’s now time to get back to a reasonable approach to approach to health and safety.

So here’s our pledge to you…

We will always apply a practical approach to your problems.  We will only recommend actions which are reasonable, practicable and compliant with the law.

All our clients are different so we adopt our approach to meet that of our client.

It’s all about you!

Therefore it is difficult to say what you are likely to need without getting to know you first.

So before we do anything, we’ll find out what you do, how you do it and what you want.

But to give you an idea here are some examples….

My organisation is small but growing.  We need to put in some health and safety, how can you help us?

We can help by guiding you through developing simple documentation and procedures for example: a safety policy, al all stages how much we do for you is in your control.

My organisation has a health and safety system in place but we’ve grown and I’m not sure it’s good enough anymore.

We can find out where you are through a benchmarking audit which will identify what we’ve got that works and what doesn’t and what you should have.

After the audit we will prepare a report with a prioritised action plan from which you can decide what you are going to do next.  We can help you as much as you or your funds allow.

I have a safety department, I want some specific work to be carried out but my current team just doesn’t have the time to do it

We have! We can work within an existing team delivering a set piece of work within previous agreed deadlines.

I need some health and safety for my staff in…..

Yes we do – what do you want?

To give you examples we can do;

  • Training for senior managers

  • Supervisors and line managers

  • Awareness training

  • And many specific areas of safety

Just give us a call or email or find us on linked in to find out what we can do to help you.

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