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Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management is a process which helps organisations identify, evaluate and take action on risks with the result of increasing success and reducing the potential for failure.

It’s all about an organisation being run effectively and for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Risk management doesn’t just apply to banks and larger organisations.  It applies to small and medium sized enterprises as well.  Most particularly if that enterprise wishes to reduces unwanted surprises and take full advantage of opportunities that comes their way.

Are there any legal requirements for my organisation to do this? – Well not as such…

Companies that are listed on the stock exchange as well as public organisation have to follow governance codes.  These are voluntary but the consequences of them not doing so will have an effect on reputation and funding.

For SME’s that are limited companies there is a requirement in the companies act which requires directors to act in a way most likely to promote success of the company and its shareholders.  If you are none of these then there are no requirements.  The risk is yours!

Any business that identifies its risks and puts in place measures to control negative risk and enhance opportunities is better placed to grow and achieve success, be more resilient in a crisis and ultimately more profitable.

What can we do for you?

Embedding risk management systems

Working with you, finding out what you do, we will help you do the following:

  • Determine your risk appetite (how much risk you are prepared to take)

  • Describe your risk and identify likely events and their impacts

  • Enable you to make a judgement as to how big these risks are to your organisation

  • Evaluate those risks so you can prioritise them and take appropriate action based on your appetite.

Using the same techniques, we’ll work with you to decide if an opportunity is worth taking and what can aid the likelihood of success.

...and because there is no legal requirement dictating how little or much of this you do, it is up to you.

The question is – how much value do you put on the success of you organisation and isn’t that worth protecting?

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Business impact analysis identifies critical activities in an organisation.  These are the activities that generate income or provide the vital service.  If these activities are suspended for an amount of time, then the survival of the organisation could be threatened.

BIA’s also help an organisation identify critical suppliers and services enabling a business to make plans in advance to cope with an interruption to operations.

Businesses that are resilient in a crisis and continue to trade through it are more likely to retain their customer base.

Business Continuity Management

Having an effective business continuity management framework in place indicates a strong resilient business.

We can help you develop a framework which identifies who does what and when.

We can work with you to develop business continuity plans to respond to a crises. We can then plan and run an exercise to test the plan and the responses of individuals named in the plan to identify any weaknesses.

Risk Management Training

We can provide training courses or workshop outlining a framework for risk.  All training is prepared on a bespoke basis, just tell is what you want to achieve and we will do the rest.