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About Peritis

Emma and Stuart have run businesses for many years. Their wide ranging knowledge and skills mean they can provide advice and support in a range of areas. However, there are times when associates who are specialists are called in.

Emma Cundiff CMIOSH FIRM

Emma is a risk management professional specialising in enterprise risk management (ERM) consultancy for small to medium enterprises.

She helps organisations identify risks that could affect the operations of that organisation with the intention of reducing negative impacts and enhancing opportunity.

Her favourite element of ERM is working with clients to identify opportunity risks and work out how the likelihood of success can be achieved.

Emma’s background prior to entering the world of ERM is occupational safety and health. She is an experienced safety and health professional with a down to earth approach to health and safety at work.

Emma is on OSHCR – the register for Safety and Health Consultants

Dr Stuart Cox MBCS

Stuart is an IT professional with a difference.  He can speak with you about IT in geek free language.

Stuart is passionate about organisations getting the best from their computer systems, software and telephone systems.

Stuart was previously a lecturer at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London.  As well as delivering lectures, he was involved in research projects that had practical applications in electronics and robotics.

More recently Stuart’s transferable skills have seen him operate in specialist technical areas of health and safety supporting Emma in this area.

Both Emma and Stuart have excellent training skills with many years’ experience of training all levels of employees.  They are able to keep your staff engaged and interested in the topic being delivered.  This means that subjects which are perceived as being complex, dull or boring are given a new approach.

Student centred learning techniques used by Emma and Stuart enable effective learning in adults ensuring that information is retained and recalled at a later time.


Our Associates

We’re picky about who we send to you and so we choose our partners carefully.

Our team includes;

Harry Hughes MSc CMIOSH DipOHH

We’ve worked with Harry for many years.  He is a very knowledgeable and experienced consultant and trainer.  Harry specialisms include occupational health, construction and environment.  Harry’s no nonsense straightforward approach in these areas compliments the skills and presentation styles of Emma and Stuart.

Mick Shutler ACII

An experienced consultant and trainer with a friendly engaging manner.  Mick helps us in speciality areas of safety in display screen equipment, manual handling, fleet management and motor trade.